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Choosing a Topic

A sample research strategy might be as follows:

Whether you choose from a list provided by your professor, get ideas from your own reading, or from items min the news, it is best to choose a topic that is of interest to you.

Be wary of topics that are too general or too specific, and do not be afraid to choose a controversial subject. Consult the Library's reference section for general and background information on a variety of subjects prior to, and during, your research.

The Topic Statement

Developing a topic statement or question before beginning research will help you to clearly visualize your subsequent strategy.

Sample Topic Statement and Question:

My preliminary topic statement might be: "I want to locate information about censorship and popular music."

My topic question could be: "What are the effects of censorship on the pop music industry?"

Search Terms

In order to begin your research, try breaking your topic down into keywords and key concepts. Whether you are using the online catalog, the library's periodical databases, or the Web, in order to do effective research you must choose relevant search terms. These words and phrases allow you to retrieve information, and can be used to narrow or broaden your query.

The process of brainstorming for related words and concepts may lead you to narrowing down your topic (making it less general) or to expanding it in some cases. You may use dictionaries, a thesaurus, the Library catalog and databases to find synonyms and subject headings. Relevant terms and headings can also be found in the Library of Congress Subject Headings guides kept in the library's Research Room. These large red volumes are on the shelf to the right as you enter the room.

Sample Search Terms

Two key concepts or ideas for the above topic are: "censorship" and "popular music". Some search terms associated with this topic might be:

  1. censorship
  2. banned music
  3. lyrics
  4. MTV
  5. rap groups
  6. recording industry

Combining Search Terms (Boolean Logic)

Once you have found terms related to your topic you may want to combine two or more of them as a strategy for searching in the catalog or other databases. Using this search strategy, often called Boolean Logic, will enable you to narrow or expand your search and therefore affect the quantity and relevancy of your results (hits).


Boolean AND diagrammusic AND censorship

Boolean NOT diagrammusic NOT classical

Boolean OR diagrammusic OR songs